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I grew up at Hoffman Ochs.

My main goal is to help you, our client, stay on schedule. I’ll stay in communication with you every step of the way so there will be no surprises! If you want to visit your job site at any of the building stages, I'll be happy to walk you through your home and explain the current process.


When I make selections, I’m not interested in cookie cutter designs – I want each house we build to be unique. My worst nightmare is for your house to feel like it was duplicated or for the style to have been "overdone". I pay attention to everything; I make sure your door knobs, your cabinet handles, and your laundry hooks all match and that all trim nails are filled.

I’m very proud to say that most of the people that watched me grow up are still working for us. It creates a solid and open relationship between me and our contractors. We feel comfortable taking risks with each other because we know, we both won’t stop until it’s perfect. We all expect and work at high standards. 

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