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When you are ready to meet with Hoffman Ochs you will meet me first.  I will come to you.

Our first responsibility to you, our client, is to help you make good decisions about your investment in your home.  For most people buying a home is their largest single investment; we want yours to be a good one.  I am a conservative person and not motivated to push you into a purchase outside of your budget.  Rather I am here to help you create a home you are excited to move into and confident you can afford. Ultimately, at Hoffman Ochs, our goal, regardless of your budget, is to build you a home with a solid, reliable value for a fair and reasonable price.

You likely regard your home as a personal and special place and you will find me both respectful and sensitive to all your concerns. Likewise, you will find our staff and subcontractors recognize your home is more than “just a workplace” and can be relied upon to work with care and to keep it clean and safe.  If there is a problem or you have a concern you may rely on us to be honest and transparent about problems or defects and how we will remedy them to your satisfaction.

Most of our competitors work hard and try to do a good job, but it takes a big commitment to get a home 100% complete.  You will get that commitment from me and from Hoffman Ochs. You can also count on us to complete any warranty work that arises, and to do so at your conveniences with as little disruption to you and your family as possible.  And even longer after your warranty has passed you are welcome to call me for help with your home.  I will be here to take your call.

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